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Now what?
born that way
Yes We Can
Coming Along…

born that way

I don’t get the confusion over the 8-year-old in Arizona who killed his dad in cold blood. Doesn’t the word sociopath mean anything to you? It’s likely that 1 in every 25 people you know is a sociopath. And they’re born that way, so forget about “environmental” factors or blaming the parents. Just learn to recognize them so you can protect yourself.

How to deal with common everyday sociopaths

Coming Along…

Believe it or not, I’ve been working on this site. Probably doesn’t look like it, but I’ve spent hours and hours, and even more hours….

I deleted most of the Tumblr posts I had imported, but will probably repost several of my Tumblr entries in the near future.

I uploaded a bunch of personal photos — see the “Photos” page up at the top.

Another cool thing I added was a bunch of YouTube videos at the bottom of the sidebar. Check ’em out. 🙂 I’m sure no one but I will be interested in them… but since this is my blog and I’m doing it to please myself, it’s too bad for you. 😉

Next up will be my “About” page. I hope to have it done within a week or two, or four.

I still don’t know what the fucking fuck I’m doing with WordPress, but I’m learning…  I don’t know if I’ll ever understand the gallery function, however. *sigh*

And that is all for now.


I was a WordPress virgin up until about a week ago.  Thus far, I have:

  • Had my web hosting company migrate my old account to a newer one that supports WordPress
  • Reconfigured my two domains (web & email addresses, and other items) related to that account
  • Installed WordPress at the server level
  • Tried out several themes and finally decided on one
  • Tweaked and tweaked and tweaked this theme, trying out various different headers, color schemes, etc. (even so far as doing minor editing of the theme’s basic css)… and then tweaked some more
  • Downloaded and installed several widgets
  • Added pages, links, etc. (this is not nearly done)
  • Pulled in posts from my Tumblr and Pinterest profiles
  • Deleted the “hello world” default introductory entry
  • Had several frustrating moments, periods of intense confusion, and some near nervous breakdowns

So how am I doing?? 🙂

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