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Who are you?

Dear everyone in the universe who’s not already on my Facebook friends list:

I am an “open networker” – i.e., I’m happy to accept your friend request as long I can determine that you and I have a little something in common (an interest, an experience, a point of view, 1 or 2 degrees of separation, etc.). In order for that to happen, however, you must have some of your Facebook profile info set to “public.” If you’re all locked up and I can’t learn a thing about who you are, what you do, who you know, where you’re from, what you believe, etc…. all I can do is deny your request.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2013 Gratitude

My friend Annie Fraley asked her Facebook friends to post about things that made them happy in 2013. I appreciate this question because I always used to approach the end of each year with a “glad that’s over with” attitude, and now I’m just trying to be grateful for the good stuff. So even though 2013 presented me with many challenges, disappointments, frustrations, some health issues, and a near tragedy, I still think it was a great year. My 2013 highlights are as follows:

  • Got solar panels installed on our roof, which is good for the environment and has lowered our energy bill
  • Acquired a couple new professional clients
  • Attended the bat mitzvah of my youngest niece, Emma
  • Celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday
  • Celebrated the 16th anniversary of Peter‘s and my first date AND the 7th anniversary of our nuptials
  • Saw Fiona Apple perform live
  • Completely overhauled my personal website (which used to be, and is now this here blog)
  • Got our orange tabby middle child Lenny out of “jail” (i.e., 10-day quarantine after he accidentally bit me)
  • Got myself out of Facebook “jail” (don’t ask) and then started a new Facebook account
  • Had the best pedicure of my life, just a few weeks ago
  • Saw my dad recover from a serious fall/blow to the head (as much as a 90-year-old with Alzheimer’s can recover)
  • Kept myself reasonably physically fit throughout the year, considering my knee issue
  • Had knee surgery… and am recovering not as quickly as I’d like, but still fairly well at the 3-week mark
  • Had a “stray” cat in the neighborhood neutered because his owners are too irresponsible to have done it themselves
  • Took a day trip to Placer & Nevada Counties, with the highlight being a visit to Empire Mine State Historic Park
  • Started using a pretty decent new email client after nearly 20 years with Eudora (the last 5 years of which have been maddeningly frustrating)
  • Finally decided to switch cat litter brands because the one I’ve been using for years no longer holds the pee clumps together and it’s been impossible to keep the boxes clean (the cat people out there will understand the significance of this)
  • Gained a lot more confidence in myself
  • Decided to remove the word “hate” from my vocabulary
  • Just this week, made chicken soup for the first time in my life, and it turned out seriously yummy!

Control yourself

This relates to my previous post about impulse control.  It has become tiresome to have to repeat it.  It’s also become tedious to be the brunt of name calling simply because I insist on respect for my personal boundaries.  But I do what I have to so, so here it is (again):

I do not enjoy being “poked” on Facebook. I consider poking to be exceptionally rude. It annoys me. It pisses me off.

So just don’t do it, okay?

Don’t poke me. Don’t allude to poking me. Don’t make jokes about pokes or poking me on my wall or in tags that bear my name. Most of all, don’t make excuses or try to justify any of the above. Just don’t do it.

If you can’t control your childish impulses and follow this one simple rule when visiting my Facebook profile, prepare to be dropped and blocked.

What I’ve learned from Pinterest

  1. I couldn’t be less interested in adolescent girls’ fantasies of their dream weddings.
  2. What many consider cute, I find vomitocious.
    • To wit: There’s nothing worse than the appearance of a curtain rather than a cabinet under a kitchen sink. And no amount of enthusiastic appreciative comments can make it acceptable. Ever.
  3. The style referred to most commonly as “boho chic” is certainly colorful — yet messy, disorganized, dirty, dingy, and very possibly odorous.
  4. Most people cannot distinguish design from décor.
  5. A generic photograph over which a colored filter has been applied via graphics software is not an honest (or even attractive) celebration of said color.
  6. The average person has no sense of history. Or organization. Or taste.
  7. I am far more anal than the average person.

Now that I’ve got your attention, please visit my Pinterest boards. I promise you won’t be bored.

Remember Usenet?

Back in the early to mid 1990s — before the world wide web really took off — NNTP (usenet) was my favorite internet protocol.  I enjoyed others, like SMTP (email) of course and IRC (internet relay chat)… but usenet was my go-to communication hub.  Although strictly text-based, usenet was a really great way to virtually interact, and you could even learn a thing or two depending on which newsgroups you frequented.  There are over 100,000 usenet groups in existence; here are some that I enjoyed back in the day:

  • alt.folklore.herbs
  • [several groups under this hierarchy]
  • alt.politics.liberal
  • alt.politics.usa
  • ba.broadcast
  • ba.broadcast.moderated
  • ba.general
  • sci.geo
  • soc.culture.mexican.american
  • soc.culture.usa
  • talk.religion.pantheism

I continued to frequent usenet well into the mid 2000s, and then gradually tapered off as HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol — i.e., the web) grew in popularity and ultimately came to be synonymous with “the internet.”  In fact, a whole lot of people out there don’t realize that the internet was actually in existence for a couple decades before HTTP was created. Funny how that happens.  Anyway, I’m glad I had the opportunity to partake, at least for a few years, of some of the earlier internet protocols. It’s kind of fun and “cool” and almost esoteric… kinda like knowing how to drive a stick-shift.




Abandoned Everything

Do you find beauty in abandoned buildings? Are you fascinated by all things deserted, vacated, forgotten, decayed, and nature reclaimed? If so, take a gander at these boards on my Pinterest profile:

More than 600 photos (and counting) of abandoned items and places.

Here’s a sampling…

Flores Encantadores

Do you love wildflowers and tropicals?  If so, check out my flowery Pinterest boards (which contains well over 300 stunning flowery images):

Here’s a sample:

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