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Kill the gecko

Kill the gecko

Word! The Geico gecko is THE most annoying advertising gimmick of all time. I mean, a loquacious lizard with a cockney accent? Is it supposed to be cool?? My visceral reaction is to squeeze that cartoon reptile with my bare hands until his sickly green life force oozes out all over the sidewalk, while simultaneously kicking in his smarmy face, and then cut out his tongue so he can no longer speak!

Fuck you, Geico Geckogecko — just STMFFU!

Marketers mistakenly believe that annoyance factor = name recognition = higher sales. Well, Geico could offer the highest quality service ever at the lowest price in history…but based on these ads, I would tear my own eyes out before giving them 1 cent.

No, I’m not kidding!

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