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▶ The Camp Gyno – YouTube
Texas tampon-free zone
you OFFEND me
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▶ The Camp Gyno – YouTube

I LOVE this so much — total GIRL POWER!

If only we’d had something like this back in the early 1970s, the girls of my generation might have been confidently celebrating “the red badge of courage” rather than shamefully enduring “the curse.” In any case, I’m glad that young women today can feel proud of and comfortable with their natural bodily functions.

you OFFEND me

Dumb blonde jokes don’t hurt my feelings. Bitch-get-me-a-sandwich jokes don’t offend me. Breast ogling doesn’t get my dander up. “On the rag” comments I can find humorous. Even cat-calling and whistles from the scaffolding… well, okay, that might bother me a little, but I can deal.

But when you invade my space and get all up in my personal business and my physical self… when you legislate against me and my gender… when you deny half the population (of which I happen to belong) sovereign rights to our own bodies… when you apply double standards to health care coverage and reproductive rights and sexual behavior… when you practice state-sanctioned rape in the form of probes being forced up the vaginas of unwilling participants… and when you take away access to birth control and basic health care and even abortion (which is still a legal medical procedure in the United States)… YOU OFFEND ME DEEPLY.

So be advised that I will boycott you, protest you, get in your face, and spread the word until the day you stop promulgating your misogynistic messages and until you end the practices and beliefs that place the rights of women even one millimeter below the rights of men.

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