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Horse survived one of city’s worst animal cruelty cases
Worst decade ever
Fucked up Fonts
you OFFEND me
To the Elliott obsessed: Get over it
I hate people sometimes
What I’ve learned from Pinterest
With less than 2 months to live, nurse teaches students about cancer & dying
Some people simply should have been aborted
Don’t let facts challenge your ignorance

Fucked up Fonts

If you could eradicate any particular typefaces, what would they be?

My most hated are Georgia (serif), Impact (sans serif), and Comic Sans (brush). Also, Mistral used to be kinda cool, but now it’s just seriously annoying.

you OFFEND me

Dumb blonde jokes don’t hurt my feelings. Bitch-get-me-a-sandwich jokes don’t offend me. Breast ogling doesn’t get my dander up. “On the rag” comments I can find humorous. Even cat-calling and whistles from the scaffolding… well, okay, that might bother me a little, but I can deal.

But when you invade my space and get all up in my personal business and my physical self… when you legislate against me and my gender… when you deny half the population (of which I happen to belong) sovereign rights to our own bodies… when you apply double standards to health care coverage and reproductive rights and sexual behavior… when you practice state-sanctioned rape in the form of probes being forced up the vaginas of unwilling participants… and when you take away access to birth control and basic health care and even abortion (which is still a legal medical procedure in the United States)… YOU OFFEND ME DEEPLY.

So be advised that I will boycott you, protest you, get in your face, and spread the word until the day you stop promulgating your misogynistic messages and until you end the practices and beliefs that place the rights of women even one millimeter below the rights of men.

To the Elliott obsessed: Get over it

To the people who are still all “waah waah waah, bring back Stabler!”: quit your crying and STFU.

Law & Order: SVU is SUCH A BETTER SHOW without that screaming maniac.

Plus… Danny Pino, Kelli Giddish, Andre Braugher, and Raul Esparza in exchange for Chris Meloni? Are you kidding me? I would have taken just one… but four? Total score for the audience!


I hate people sometimes

One of my online acquaintances is angry at her cat because she has “regressed” in her potty training. And we’re not talking LITTER BOX here; this person actually purchased some kind of contraption that’s supposed to train her cat to pee/poop in the toilet! What the fuck.

Someone should force this idiotic useless human to do her business in a litter box and then lick her ass clean. Unnatural you say? Really? Hmmmmm….

What I’ve learned from Pinterest

  1. I couldn’t be less interested in adolescent girls’ fantasies of their dream weddings.
  2. What many consider cute, I find vomitocious.
    • To wit: There’s nothing worse than the appearance of a curtain rather than a cabinet under a kitchen sink. And no amount of enthusiastic appreciative comments can make it acceptable. Ever.
  3. The style referred to most commonly as “boho chic” is certainly colorful — yet messy, disorganized, dirty, dingy, and very possibly odorous.
  4. Most people cannot distinguish design from décor.
  5. A generic photograph over which a colored filter has been applied via graphics software is not an honest (or even attractive) celebration of said color.
  6. The average person has no sense of history. Or organization. Or taste.
  7. I am far more anal than the average person.

Now that I’ve got your attention, please visit my Pinterest boards. I promise you won’t be bored.

With less than 2 months to live, nurse teaches students about cancer & dying

Terminally Ill, a Nurse Offers Herself as a Subject of Study

Very touching. If I were the one dying and in pain, I’d want everyone to get the fuck out of my face… but that’s why I’ll likely never have a piece written about me in the New York Times. I greatly admire this woman’s courage and generosity.

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