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Who the F is Paul Walker??

Why is that Paul Walker person getting more press/attention than Nelson Mandela? I’d never even heard of Walker until after he died. And then I find out he’s just some stupid actor who was in a series of stupid action movies. Yeah, it’s sad that he died young… and yeah, apparently he did some humanitarian stuff and wasn’t a completely self-absorbed celebrity… but seriously???

Take a science class!

When Fear Mongering Wins the Anti-Vaccine Story

It’s now been proven that vaccinations have NOTHING to do with autism. The alleged causal nexus was based on a fraud, originated by a deceptive physician (who has since been stripped of his license to practice medicine) and perpetuated by a self-serving former Playboy model. It then rose to the height of urban legend because the saps out there, who tend to be as ignorant of chemistry/science/medicine as they are mesmerized by vapid blondes with silicone-enhanced protuberances, blindly accepted the hoax and eagerly joined the hysteria.

The latest admonition is nothing but a resurrected red herring. Yet, people all over the net are now (again) clamoring that something must be done!… that they will never vaccinate their children!… that it’s all a conspiracy on the part of big pharma!… that this court case PROVES culpability!

Um, no, not really. Court cases — in particular, civil lawsuits — often have little to no significance. Organizations routinely settle matters such as these out of court, because it’s less costly than going to trial. Settlements don’t necessarily signify acknowledgment of guilt OR actual culpability.

There’s only one conclusion I can draw about those who, in spite of the truth that we now know, stubbornly cling to the vaccinations-are-evil paradigm… So I feel I must say this:

PEOPLE! Stop embarrassing yourselves with this crap! You are being STUPID! Yes, there has been a rise in the incidence of autism… and although the WHY of it has not yet been identified, we KNOW that vaccinations have played no part! To be so easily swayed by propaganda and pseudoscience… to believe that Oprah is some sort of authority… to fall for every online hoax and fly-by-night “alternative health” website with articles penned by not even all that clever charlatans… is MORONIC by definition. And the fact that you simpletons think YOU know better than scientists, epidemiologists, doctors, and other folks who are actually educated in these disciplines would be laughable if it weren’t so scary.  Turn off your daytime television and go take a science class! Or any class for that matter.

I’m the last person to defend big business — biotech or otherwise — but the fact is, vaccinations are not evil. Quite the opposite. Our society is now blessed with near eradication of polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diptheria, pertussis (whooping cough), viral meningitis, HPV, various forms of hepatitis, and other life threatening, often fatal, diseases ➞ all because of mandatory vaccinations. It’s called PUBLIC HEALTH.

To not vaccinate one’s child is not only irresponsible with regard to that child, but in the context of the larger community and even to the world population. It’s irresponsible in the extreme. Since this whole “I refuse to vaccinate my child” foolishness began, there have been upticks in the incidences of these serious diseases in our population. Polio HAD all but been wiped out until the ignoramuses jumped on the vaccinations-are-the-antichrist bandwagon.

I’m horrified that anyone would not vaccinate their children in this day and age. My perplexity at the brainlessness aside, I’m horrified by the irresponsibility of it all. In 2012 alone, there were 41,000 cases of pertussis in the U.S. (when there shouldn’t have been even 1), and at least 18 of those cases resulted in death! This could have been easily prevented!

These imbeciles are as bad as if not worse than religious zealots. How DARE they put other people’s children at risk to justify their junk science dogma!

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