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RIP Gene Burns
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RIP Gene Burns

Longtime KGO host Gene Burns, 72, dies – SFGate.

In my 50 or so years of being a radio listener (and at times fanatic), and even a few working in the business, I have not come across a more intelligent, articulate, informed, erudite, reasoned, and personable radio talk show host than Gene Burns. No matter what side of aisle, Gene could talk to anyone and anyone could talk to Gene. I was devastated when KGO laid him off, and especially when his ensuing stroke kept him from being seated behind his next mic at KKSF. And it breaks my heart that he’s now gone for good. On the other hand, I’m sure Gene did not enjoy his impaired quality of life over the past couple years… so I’m glad for him that he’s been released from his broken body. Rest well, Gene. Thank you for your decades of on-air service. You will not be forgotten.


RICH LIEBERMAN 415 MEDIA: Owens on KGO; working without contract; ‘Discussions’ Continuing According to Katz.

I’m actually glad to hear this because even a snowball’s chance of Ronn Owens ending up on KKSF would place me on the verge of projectile vomiting.  Knowing he’s staying at that other station that’s no longer the station it was… allows my stomach lining to remain intact.

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