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▶ The Camp Gyno – YouTube
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It’s called “bitchy resting face”
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Spic and Span

▶ The Camp Gyno – YouTube

I LOVE this so much — total GIRL POWER!

If only we’d had something like this back in the early 1970s, the girls of my generation might have been confidently celebrating “the red badge of courage” rather than shamefully enduring “the curse.” In any case, I’m glad that young women today can feel proud of and comfortable with their natural bodily functions.

It’s called “bitchy resting face”

If you suffer from this malady, as I do, you know how it feels to be ostracized, to be judged unfairly, to be the object of disappointment… and most of all, to be misunderstood.  On the other hand, you may not even be aware of the reason for your lifelong outsider status, so consider the following questions:

  • As far back as you can recall, have people avoided you, shot facial daggers at you for seemingly no reason, and/or gravitated to anyone else in the vicinity other than you?
  • Do you remember how it felt to be the last one added to the team… to be the one student who was never asked out on a date, let alone to the prom?
  • In the workplace, are you accused of being unapproachable and/or “not a team player?”
  • Do you have to fight a little harder to obtain customer service while shopping?
  • Do you find doors slamming in your face… or even worse, people holding the door while figuratively holding their nose?
  • At social gatherings, are you generally left to your own devices while, all around you, folks engage in groups or one-on-ones of animated conversation and laughter?
  • Do family members, close friends, and even lovers continue to have issues with you because of your “attitude?”
  • Most of all, are you bewildered by the fact that many people actively deny themselves the pleasure of your company, that they seem to have no idea what a fascinating and completely awesome person you are — on the inside?

If any/all of the above resonates with you, you just might be a victim of BITCHY RESTING FACE.

Sadly, we are the silent minority, and there is no law to prevent the type of discrimination we are forced to endure every day of the year. But finally there is vindication. Now, you may very well be one of those tough nuts who doesn’t care what others think or how they treat you.  But if you aren’t and you do, you can now take comfort in knowing that there are at least a few others out there GET IT… because, they too, are plagued by the condition known as “bitchy resting face.”

You are not alone.

Spic and Span

spic span

Considering that my husband is Mexican-American, it’s a bit insensitive of me to use this product, don’tcha think?






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