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2013 Gratitude
I hate people sometimes
The spontaneously moving vent cover
Kashi Go [something]

2013 Gratitude

My friend Annie Fraley asked her Facebook friends to post about things that made them happy in 2013. I appreciate this question because I always used to approach the end of each year with a “glad that’s over with” attitude, and now I’m just trying to be grateful for the good stuff. So even though 2013 presented me with many challenges, disappointments, frustrations, some health issues, and a near tragedy, I still think it was a great year. My 2013 highlights are as follows:

  • Got solar panels installed on our roof, which is good for the environment and has lowered our energy bill
  • Acquired a couple new professional clients
  • Attended the bat mitzvah of my youngest niece, Emma
  • Celebrated my dad’s 90th birthday
  • Celebrated the 16th anniversary of Peter‘s and my first date AND the 7th anniversary of our nuptials
  • Saw Fiona Apple perform live
  • Completely overhauled my personal website (which used to be, and is now this here blog)
  • Got our orange tabby middle child Lenny out of “jail” (i.e., 10-day quarantine after he accidentally bit me)
  • Got myself out of Facebook “jail” (don’t ask) and then started a new Facebook account
  • Had the best pedicure of my life, just a few weeks ago
  • Saw my dad recover from a serious fall/blow to the head (as much as a 90-year-old with Alzheimer’s can recover)
  • Kept myself reasonably physically fit throughout the year, considering my knee issue
  • Had knee surgery… and am recovering not as quickly as I’d like, but still fairly well at the 3-week mark
  • Had a “stray” cat in the neighborhood neutered because his owners are too irresponsible to have done it themselves
  • Took a day trip to Placer & Nevada Counties, with the highlight being a visit to Empire Mine State Historic Park
  • Started using a pretty decent new email client after nearly 20 years with Eudora (the last 5 years of which have been maddeningly frustrating)
  • Finally decided to switch cat litter brands because the one I’ve been using for years no longer holds the pee clumps together and it’s been impossible to keep the boxes clean (the cat people out there will understand the significance of this)
  • Gained a lot more confidence in myself
  • Decided to remove the word “hate” from my vocabulary
  • Just this week, made chicken soup for the first time in my life, and it turned out seriously yummy!

I hate people sometimes

One of my online acquaintances is angry at her cat because she has “regressed” in her potty training. And we’re not talking LITTER BOX here; this person actually purchased some kind of contraption that’s supposed to train her cat to pee/poop in the toilet! What the fuck.

Someone should force this idiotic useless human to do her business in a litter box and then lick her ass clean. Unnatural you say? Really? Hmmmmm….

The spontaneously moving vent cover

The mystery has now been solved!

Here’s the story: Several times over the past few weeks, we’ve discovered the master bedroom HVAC vent cover lifted off and away from the vent. Weird, right? We figured it had to be the work of our felines since neither of us was responsible. But we couldn’t figure out how three cats — even working as a team — could possibly lift a vent cover from the top.

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t three… and they haven’t been collaborating… and the vent cover wasn’t being pulled off from the TOP.

ONE of our darlings has actually been lifting it from underneath!

Apparently, for the past several weeks, our fearless TOBY has been entering the ducting (through an opening on the other side of the house that we didn’t realize was there) and then crawling all the way across the house only to pop up gopher-like in the bedroom, in the process knocking the vent cover off with his head.

Now, I know that some cats and kittens will escape into HVAC ducting when they are scared and need a great place to hide… but I have never heard of a cat doing this for play! Have you??

Toby 2011

Toby 2011

And now we have further proof (not that we needed it) that Toby is the MOST UNUSUAL AND SPECIAL BEING in the universe.


Kashi Go [something]

Nothing is funnier than this blog entry (and the ensuing discussion thread) I found years ago regarding Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal.  You see, I had been experiencing a very… um, intense… side effect after eating this tasty treat, and wanted to find out if I was the only one.  Turns out I wasn’t.

Furthermore, one of my cats ingested the equivalent of a tablespoon of Kashi Go Lean Crunch last year and, within a few hours, began vomiting extensively and violently, and ultimately bloodily… to the point of nearly expelling his stomach through his mouth.  This required a trip to the veterinarian, several medications, and at least 10 days of recovery before his gastrointestinal tract returned to normal.

Then a little over a week ago, the news came out that Kashi — now owned by Kellogg’s — uses genetically-modified grain in this supposedly “natural” product.

Coincidence?  I think not.


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