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LiveJournal entry – September 3, 2006
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Why Technical Editors are Annoying (from my Facebook)
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LiveJournal entry – September 3, 2006

I just found this 5-year-old LiveJournal entry. I have absolutely no memory of who I was writing about, but it was obviously very satisfying to rant about at the time.

Looks like my “restaurant rant” prompted a good LJ friend (at least someone whom I thought was a good LJ friend; she certainly behaved interactively, as if she were interested in what I had to say) to drop me. And to drop me unceremoniously at that — no heads up, no g’bye

Fast food joints as an emotional trigger; who woulda thunk it?

I have three words for that person: go to therapy!

OK, so you know what? I have too much going on in my life to deal with this bullshit. At this point, I am inviting anyone else who is irritated with, angry at, or bored by me to do the same. Just fucking drop me and move on. And, yes, I am serious.

As you know, I write about VERY personal issues in my LJ. Not always, but sometimes. Sometimes I write about superficial crap like TV shows and ships, and sometimes I just RANT about meaningless shit cuz ranting is a fun exercise for me. 😉 But, yeah, I write personal intimate stuff in my journal; I am into the interactive thing; and I consider access to my journal a privilege for you (just as I consider my access to your journals a privilege for me).

So like I said, if you don’t enjoy what I have to say, or you don’t get me or whatthefuckever, please leave now. Don’t keep pretending to be my “friend” when you’re not. If you’ve been considering it for awhile, just do it. Buh bye.

Thank you.

Why Technical Editors are Annoying (from my Facebook)

A couple days ago, I made a statement to the effect that technical editors are annoying. Of course, you know I meant present company excluded, right? …because MY friends could never be even remotely annoying. And although I’m a technical editor by profession, no one could ever accuse me of being annoying in ANY respect (just ask my husband ;)).

In any case, I felt I should back up my original statement… so I present to you the following response by an unnamed (and unknown by me) editor to this question posed on another social networking site: “WHY ARE YOU AN EDITOR?”

Again, one should distinguish copy editing from acquisitions. They involve different skill sets. I began my career as a copy editor and then switched over to being an acquiring editor. But because I enjoyed copy editing, I continued to do some copy editing for many years after I became an acquiring editor. My formal educational training in philosophy proved to be an asset in both types of editorial work: for copy editing, it made one acutely sensitive to nuances of meaning and to such basic problems as inconsistency; for acquisitions, it attuned one to how an author used evidence to support an argument and to the basic logic of the argument being made. Acquisitions I enjoyed because it exposed me to the most advanced ideas in the fields I covered in the humanities and social sciences, and I got to know some of the brightest minds in these fields. As I described the benefits of being an editor, I would tell people that I got paid for being a dilettante!

If that reply is not the definition of annoying, I don’t know what is.

Furthermore, in editing-related online discussion forums, these editors go on (for literally months sometimes) about the most inane, picayune topics. For example, whether it is more correct to write “no thanks” or “no, thanks.”


My basic editing philosophy is to cut a lot of words (run-on and wordy sentences fear my wrath) and to make things as consistent as possible within a document. I can’t get all caught up in the great comma debates when, in so many cases, comma usage is simply a matter of individual style. Plus, who fucking cares?

For the record, I responded to the “why are you an editor” question by stating: “Because I’m damn good at it.”

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