Wipe it Clean

“unable to create the temporary folder – Error 183 cannot create a file when that file already exists”

“An error occurred in the database”

“Initialization error”

“can not create temp folder archive”

This all started with a “keyboard error”… which led to a reboot… which led to an automatic Windows “repair” that warned me of restoring to a previous point… which led to Firefox, Chrome, Dropbox, and various other programs not opening… which led to me deleting said programs… which led to me attempting to download new versions of these programs, which apparently is a problem because my downloads folder doesn’t exist even though it does. I even tried to reinstall Chrome and Firefox from old downloads, and my computer just laughed its ass off at me.

I have restored ownership permissions to various temp and program folders (including the downloads folder) that apparently no longer belonged to me (*rolls eyes*), yet I still cannot install Firefox or Chrome. There are other problems as well, such as not being able to designate any “favorite” locations (i.e., shortcuts) in Windows Explorer — all of my previous ones are gone and, no, I do NOT want to put that shortcut on my desktop, thank you very much.


I’m guessing there are some corrupted registry files now, and that’s a bit beyond my comfort zone to address. Should I just wipe the HD and start over??  Yup, that’s what I’m gonna do.

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