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Post Knee Surgery

Post Knee Surgery

I’m fine. The orthopedic surgeon was top notch. My knee hardly hurts at all, and I’m optimistic about a full recovery.

The Admitting and Nursing staff at Kaiser SF are pretty great, and everyone there was cordial to me.

That’s the good news.

The overall system/organization/scheduling at SF Kaiser Ambulatory Surgery Dept – AWFUL. 7-1/2 hours at the hospital for a 30-min procedure, with essentially no communication about the various delays. My poor husband! (Peter Jaramillo, you are so awesome for enduring it; I will make it up to you, I promise ).

My throat feels like they shoved a lead pipe down there rather than a narrow PVC tracheal tube; nice technique…not. I was coughing my lungs up all night.

The anesthesiology dept at Kaiser SF SUCKS; they do not listen to instruction (I was very clear about my needs – via email and verbal communication) and then try to trick you into believing they did what you say as if you’re an idiot. 2mg of versed doesn’t remotely cut it, and no fentanyl. Assholes. And then post-op, when the zofran wasn’t enough, they informed me that the entire (large urban, supposedly modern) hospital has run out of whatever intramuscular antiemetic they use. Seriously?? Trust me, I remember everything and will be lodging a complaint.

Yes, as you can see, I’m back to my feisty self already. 😉

Yup, I’m okay. LOL.

[P.S. The surgery dept at Kaiser Antioch is 20 bazillion times better than the one in SF. Heads up.]

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