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What I’ve learned from Pinterest
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With less than 2 months to live, nurse teaches students about cancer & dying
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Injured man arrested for making pipe bombs

What I’ve learned from Pinterest

  1. I couldn’t be less interested in adolescent girls’ fantasies of their dream weddings.
  2. What many consider cute, I find vomitocious.
    • To wit: There’s nothing worse than the appearance of a curtain rather than a cabinet under a kitchen sink. And no amount of enthusiastic appreciative comments can make it acceptable. Ever.
  3. The style referred to most commonly as “boho chic” is certainly colorful — yet messy, disorganized, dirty, dingy, and very possibly odorous.
  4. Most people cannot distinguish design from décor.
  5. A generic photograph over which a colored filter has been applied via graphics software is not an honest (or even attractive) celebration of said color.
  6. The average person has no sense of history. Or organization. Or taste.
  7. I am far more anal than the average person.

Now that I’ve got your attention, please visit my Pinterest boards. I promise you won’t be bored.

With less than 2 months to live, nurse teaches students about cancer & dying

Terminally Ill, a Nurse Offers Herself as a Subject of Study

Very touching. If I were the one dying and in pain, I’d want everyone to get the fuck out of my face… but that’s why I’ll likely never have a piece written about me in the New York Times. I greatly admire this woman’s courage and generosity.

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