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I ♥ Bluntcard
Probing Question 01
Hey, I thought of it first!
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Secondhand Infringement
My sentiments exactly…
Out of Time
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I ♥ Bluntcard

Just like my Random Thought of the Day feature, I won’t be doing this every day… but Bluntcard is basically my religion, so here you go:


♥ I would marry Bluntcard if I could. ♥

Probing Question 01

Although this site has been live for at least a month now, I haven’t received many comments in response to my posts.  So I’ve contrived a new feature here at — the “probing question of the day.”  In each of these posts, I will ask one very nosy question designed to elicit insightful answers from my audience… Hopefully that will inspire SOMEONE to chime in.

Here goes question number 01:

What’s a common misconception others have about you?

Hey, I thought of it first!

I just found out about a movie called Happy Feet Two that was released (I believe direct to video) in 2011.  It features a penguin character named Bodicea, who has the nickname of Bo.  Um, excuse me, but how original.  NOT.  If this film was released in 2011, what’s the earliest the story/characters could have been conceived of — 2009?  2005?

I’ve been “bodacia” / “bo” since 1994.

I purchased and registered the internet domain “” in 1995.

So, suck it, Warner Brothers.  You think because you changed a couple of the vowels, it makes your idea unique and means you didn’t totally copy me???

The nerve! 😉

Out of Time

I was born in 1959, which places me roughly in the latter third of the baby boom generation. However, my cultural/historical identity is squarely smack dab boomer. Not that I don’t love the present;  I mean, where would be without the internet, cell phones, domestic-partners benefi ts, aerobic exercise, paleo diets, and at least the dream of stem cell technology?  However, the late 1960s/early 1970s zeitgeist continues to resonate most strongly with me. OK, maybe not the clothes and hair styles so much… but the progressive political and social movements (the beginning of “consciousness raising”) and the popular music. With a few exceptions, I find rock/soul after about 1975 to be pointless. I don’t get most 80s, 90s, and 2000s music. And today’s movies and television?  You can have ’em.  I have no interest in special effects, sitcoms haven’t been any damn good since the 70s, and reality TV shows in particular do nothing for me other than make me sad for our culture.  I prefer good old-fashioned dramatic story telling and character development… and if I’m in the mood for “reality” and/or humor, I’d rather watch old episodes of What’s My Line on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate the conveniences and choices available in our contemporary society. But today’s commercialism, automation, homogeneity, political/social apathy, laziness, trashiness, and lack of manners and common courtesy and overall substance make me nostalgic for earlier times. Something as simple as visiting a small out-of-the-way town that still has a few thriving mom & pop shops —  and not a Wal-Mart in sight — makes me weep with joy.

I’m trying not to feel old. But sometimes I do feel a bit anachronistic.

Up and Running

In 2009, I started toying with the idea of a blog and of using WordPress.  So I took down my website — which had gone through numerous incarnations over the years, but had always remained in a static format — figuring I’d get back to it any minute.  Three years later (i.e., several months ago), I finally took the plunge and installed the WordPress software. And it’s been a bumpy ride ever since.  After having taught myself HTML and CSS, and after creating/maintaining my own websites for the past nearly 20 years, you’d think I could master WordPress without breaking a sweat, right?  Don’t I wish…  This shit is hella hella complicated.

When I installed WordPress, I was forced to do it in a subdirectory of my domain rather than at the root [don’t ask me why; I really don’t understand].  But that was actually fine with me at the time, as it took many months of playing around with the structure and design and content and widgets (and every other little aspect of my new site) before I got it anywhere near where I wanted it to be.  But for the past several weeks, I’d been wanting to migrate the URL to the root.  So I read one WordPress tutorial after another after another on the subject, and found each one more intimidating than the last.  I actually attempted the redirect at one point and ended up FUBAR’d… so I basically put it all back the way it was.  Web searches for further information on how to redirect the site and reading through many technical support boards revealed just how many people have had (and continue to have) major ISSUES with WordPress.  Changing one little file or moving something to the wrong directory or using incompatible widgets or whatever can spontaneously render your blog inaccessible and possibly even lost forever.  Like I said, it’s complicated.

This evening I was talking with a customer service guy from my hosting company about another matter and I happened to casually mention that I wanted to do a WordPress redirect.  Much to my surprise, he offered to walk me through the process, and in a much easier way than outlined in any of those tutorials.  Score!  So I am now up and running on  Go me!

I hope you enjoy visiting this site every once in awhile… but if I bore you, that’s okay, too.  It’s my domain, so I really only need to make myself happy. 😉

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