Can’t Get Enough Cory

Ok, so I’m still on a Cory Wells kick, sue me. In particular, I’m on a kick for Cory singing Try a Little Tenderness. For the uninitiated, Cory Wells is one third of the late 60s/early 70s rock group Three Dog Night, and far and away the best singer of the band. But then, I’m a sucker for his type of raspy bluesy baritone. And I mean, what’s not to love about a light-eyed, goofy-grinning Polish boy who can belt and howl and emote and growl with all the funk and soul in the world (if you closed your eyes, you’d swear you were listening to a black man…).

I’ve been finding many early live versions of Cory singing Try a Little Tenderness on YouTube, each one special in its own way. And I just can’t get enough. 🙂

And to end on a silly note: Here is Cory Wells singing lead on a couple songs with his (pre-ThreeDogNight) band “The Enemys” at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies:

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